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  1. So much fun. Looks like a packed summer. Love that you got to see all your family. The little nieces and nephews all look so cute so glad you could make the trips to see them.

  2. Very sweet couple. I’ve been a fan o the show since it began. I love how you love the Lord and family. It’s wonderful to be able to have a decent show to watch. May God bless you all and your family.

  3. Thanks for leading so well in so many ways. Your openness about your challenges will help others as they walk similar paths. I’ll be praying for you both.

  4. Michael, thank you for sharing so transparently about your struggles, pain, and walk with the Lord. I think sometimes people have the impression that if you grow up in a Christian home, being raised by parents like yours, the Lord answers all your prayers and your relationship with Christ just deepens every day until you get to heaven. Your honesty must have cost you a great deal of pain, but I know that many others walking in your shoes will be blessed and encouraged through what you shared. Our Lord truly has caused you to shine like gold in the refiner’s fire. Your testimony touched me deeply and reminded me to embrace gratitude for all God has given me and not to look at those things in my life that would seem to be missing. Being open to using our talents for God’s glory and sharing His love, is far more important than seeing my plans come to fruition. Thank you again for allowing God to use you.

  5. You are a beautiful couple. Praying for you both. The joy and love you have is seen throughout the photos. May our heavenly father lead, guide, guard and protect you both.

  6. Watch your show every chance I can, on TLC Australia, I am god will bless you with a very precious little baby sooner rather then later best wishes to you both.

  7. Michael,
    I know you probably hear this all the time but I wanted to let you know you are such an encouragement to me! I’m still single at 27 and it’s hard seeing my younger siblings start relationships and seeing my friends have children. Sometimes I think about you on a daily basis and pray that God will help me be as strong as you! Your story gives me hope and reminds me to look to God to fill every longing I have! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  8. I love watching the show! I am praying that God bless you two with a bundle of joy! You guys are awesome!

  9. What a beautiful couple you are! Such an inspiration to many. Praying and believing that God will give you your deep heart’s desire for a baby. He is in that waiting room with you and His timing is perfect.
    Love your photos! Not getting current Bates programmes in NZ so trying to keep updated from web. Bless you and your wider family!

  10. oh how beautiful my wife and are so very happy for you both we’re big fans of the show a true inspiration we love you and the whole family

  11. I recently discovered UP tv and I have been watching Bringing Up Bates-binge watching!- and your story really touched my heart. I am so impressed by your love and honor of Christ and each other. I pray for you each day that the Lord’s plan for you includes a baby and that the journey brings you even closer together. Agape-

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