Preparing for the Big Day (part 3)

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Wow… less than three weeks away! It’s hard to believe that the day we (Brandon and Michaela) have been waiting for is almost here! Nerves and anticipation are all heightening as it’s begiM and Me 1nning to sink in that the actual wedding day is about to happen! We are SO EXCITED! As the last details and preparations for the ceremony are being finalized, it’s been good to step back from time to time and look at what is happening from the grand spectrum of things!

All growing up, when it came to the topic of relationships, it always seemed that a wedding was the height and pinnacle of all that a relationship could be… a wedding was the “ultimate” thing for a man and woman to experience. However, in recent years it’s really been impressed on both of us how false this view is. Yes, weIMG_3517 are so excited about our wedding… but we did not start our relationship just so we could have a wedding. We are having a wedding so that we can experience a deeper relationship with each other! It’s not just about the wedding, but about a new life shared together. And that new life, if it is to be blessed by God, takes place through the making of a covenant.

Covenant… that word always seemed to have such a boring air about it. But in recent years it has exploded with new meaning, and weIMG_3536 have found it to be one of the best things that has ever been! At its heart, a covenant is not about getting all that “I” want; it’s about giving all that I have and am. As we prepare for our wedding day, we are recognizing that it’s not about us getting satisfied by taking away from each other, but rather giving for each other. As we prepare to make our wedding covenant, we pray that God would fill us with the life of His Son, whose act of love sealed the greatest covenant that ever was and ever will be.

In fact, that is the very purpose Jesus came to this earth… to make a covenant. Yes, many people know that He died on a cross, and that our sins can be forgiven through His sacrifice. But that’s really not the ultimate purpose of why He came. Jesus came to make a covenant… so that He could be one with His “bride.” He is the ultimate example of what every husband should do for His wife… laying self aside, even to tIMG_2078he point of death, for her well-being. And now, in this present world, today, He calls humanity to respond in the way that a wife should to her husband… respecting Him in laying self aside, so that they can receive all that He is. Covenant is not about the man and woman trying to impress each other by “appearing” to look like what the other wants to see, but about laying “self” down and receiving each other. So it is with Jesus… we do not enter into covenant with Him by trying to impress Him with our good behavior, but in giving up our self-as-boss existence, and asking Him to be the Lord of our life. Jesus didn’t die on the cross just so we could be forgiven for the wrong things we did; He did it so that He could also share life with us, and we with Him! When we find our death to self and life to oneness with Jesus Christ, we hIMG_3061ave entered into the blessed covenant that will last beyond the limits of time!

We pray our wedding is a reflection of this awesome reality! Thank you for reading, and we hope to share some more posts soon! God bless! 🙂

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  1. God Bless you both, as a couple entering marriage and also as unit of ONE as you witness and testify to the goodness and greatness of our mighty God. I pray many many blessings over your marriage. LOVE one another and never stop forgiving each other. There is always ‘another chance’/’do over’ opportunity, especially when you’re not really feeling it. LOVE you two.

  2. Wow, this post was truly eye opening. Thank you all for sharing! I just finished reading your story of how the Lord has brought you two together and it blessed my heart. Truly, only Christ can fulfill our deepest desires, and only He is worthy of our surrender! You are so right… We must die to ourselves and humbly give Him full reign of our hearts and lives.

  3. Praying for a blessed life together!
    Thank you for the role models you’ve been.
    Christ will bless your marriage and home.

  4. You guys are such an inspiration! Michaella, could you please tell your Mom that I really enjoy reading the family blog, but that I miss the way she used to post. She posted engagement blogs right after Zach, Erin and Alyssa got engaged but we haven’t heard a word from your mother about your engagement. I’d really like to see her blog more often, but I suppose she is too busy for it. Oh well.

  5. Hi Michael,I am Benedetta ( my name means blessed) from Italy. I am a Catholic not practising because I define my self as someone looking for a good light!! Anyway even if I am not a baptise, I am 21 and I have never kissed a man. The reason is that I am waiting for the right man. I don’t want to find just a man but The Man, My man. So it is a pleasure for me to see that we are quite like-minded. It’s quite amazing in our world( with young people always looking for physical pleasure) hearing of people like you, your sisters and the duggar sisters who share such a spiritual love with husbands. I think this is the true love!! This is what everyone should look for.

  6. Your love story and blog are a treasure in this day and time. Thank you for sharing your covenant marriage with us. The way you honor Jesus, your families, and each other is genuine and not just a show for reality TV. You are both blessed and a blessing. Best wishes for a future full of happiness, growth, joy, peace, and love.

  7. You two sound like you’re on the right track. So many people put way too much emphasis on the wedding and when that’s over reality hits them. Continue to pray and keep God had your focus throughout your lives. When we focus on Him, it makes things very clear as to what posture to take in marriage. I’ve been married for three years. Both of us enjoy it very much. We’ve grown so much spiritually from our union. It’s a blessing. Blessings to you all and your families. From NW Indiana 🙂

  8. Good morning Brandon and Michaela. I just want to congratulate you both and wish all of God’s blessing on you now and always. Although I am much older than you two, I find such inspiration in your life and words. Thank you.

  9. Hi Michaela and Brandon,
    I only found this website today, but have been in touch with your parents and will see you both at the wedding! This is my RSVP as I can’t seem to find my password. So grateful to be included in your special day and sending prayers and good thoughts your way!

    i love your story and your pics. You are two special people with God at the center of your lives. “A Three fold cord is not easily broken.” Eccl 4:12 God + You + Your Spouse = A threefold cord. A threefold cord is not easily broken. Your relationship with God is priority. The relationship with your spouse is next. A covenant relationship is the path to a blessed marriage. God’s will for your marriage is that it is glorious. May your marriage be blessed.

    Agape Love, Diane

  10. Dear Brandon and Michaela,
    I am so delighted that I found your wedding registry at this website – thank you so much for posting it online! You do not know me personally, I am just someone who watches the show – but I wanted so much to bless the both of you, because of what an indescribable blessing it has been to my life to be welcomed to see, and “share” in your family’s life, via each weekly episode. It is something of a miracle that I even found out about this show, because I never watch TV! But, I know that God arranged that – and it has spoken to my heart in a way that I couldn’t have imagined, or expected. It has been so beautiful to see the love with which your parents have welcomed, and raised each child – and the respect and love between yourselves (and for others), that your parents have modeled for you – and the true joy that radiates from your whole family, that clearly reflects God’s love that permeates your lives. You would not think that to just be yourself and live your ordinary life would influence anybody – but when you are willing to allow it, God can use it in an amazing way in a world where these things are almost never seen, anymore. God bless you both for being willing to share your courtship, engagement, and soon-to-be married lives. Keep sowing your seed just as you are doing – He is using it! I could not find anyplace on the Target website where I could include a note with my gift (which the tracking shows arrived today). So, I decided to put this note here on your blog. I wanted you to know that I chose the “Love Bug” pillow, because you are living out God’s love, to the world. Many blessings always!

  11. I am so impressed by how deep this post is and the parallels drawn! Congratulations on the new life you embark upon together. And you are right, the wedding is not the pinnacle or ultimate relationship – it is a platform, for the start of a shared life and experience, and a platform for some of the greatest relationships that are yet to come into your life too. Congratulations again, and God bless!

  12. So excited for you two. Have watched every episode (more than once!) and will be praying for you on your special day.

    Thanks for showing the world what a Godly marriage should look like. You and your family are awesome!

  13. Dear Michael and Brandon,
    I am so happy for the both of you. I know that God has brought both of you together. I will pray for you. I hope that you grow to have many beautiful children through God’s grace. You are getting married on a beautiful feast day. You are getting married on the day that Mary was assumed into Heaven. I pray you are blessed on the wonderful day of your wedding. God bless you both!

  14. What a wonderful blessing you two are! I am sure your marriage will serve as a visible symbol and example of God’s sacred covenant with my us.

  15. Dear Michael and Brandon,
    I am super excited for both of you. May you be blessed with lots of wonderful children who take after their wonderful parents. I will be praying for you!

  16. Dear Michaela and Brandon, Just wanted to say I am excited for you both and wow, what a testimony of waiting on the Lord. You two are adorable, and I love how you are both using this opportunity to shine for Jesus as you glorify Him in all that you do! Michaela, My daughter Kari and I met you at the Duggar’s home last November, Jessa’s wedding weekend (we were with the Dauers). Kari sang that night I think… not sure if you remember us? Anyway, you shared your story of meeting the right man, and boy, I had never met a girl so IN LOVE as you!! I don’t remember if you were engaged yet? It is so sweet to know you are now approaching (within hours) your wedding day!! Oh what a joy! I know God will bless you both as you both glorify Him in your marriage and in your life. 🙂 ENJOY!!

  17. Brandon and Michaela,

    I believe you both are God-given examples to the youth and college age young people in the world who want to do things right, and who want to live their life for The Lord. Thank you both so much for serving The Lord, and obeying Him throughout your relationship and daily life. Watching and listening to your testimony is like a beautiful storybook come to life, a storybook that was written by God. I pray that you keep on serving The Lord faithfully, and that you have a blessed marriage!

  18. Congratulations, Brandon and Michaela! I am so happy for both of you. I can’t wait to see more photos from the wedding.

    Again, I am so happy for both of you!

    Emma Kate
    Ephesians 2:4-5

  19. Dear Mrs. Keilen,

    I just wanted to extend my congratulations and best wishes on your marriage. I’ve seen some wedding photos and you looked every bit the beautiful bride. Your entire wedding was gorgeous, very country chic, and I can’t get enough of the bridesmaid dresses! Mr. Brandon Keilen made quite the dashing groom as well and the smiles of joy you both wore were beautiful. I hope you have a pleasant honeymoon (we’re all anxious to know where you went on your honeymoon and to hopefully see pictures) and I wish you the best in getting settled in your new home. Blessings and best wishes for the future!

  20. Wow, what a testimony you two have. I was checking out the competition for my name “Michael Brandon” on Google and found your instagram and then this blog.

    Reading through your story has had me in tears. Just yet another testimony of the amazing God that we have. How God is so much a part of every part of our lives when we offer ourselves to him. I have lots of important things that help is needed from God for, and it is an encouragement to read your testimony of God’s goodness.


    May the Lord be with you as you continue to put him first.
    May your testimony continue to touch many
    May many come to know him as a result of your listening and living according to his direction.

    God bless

  21. Michaela, are you and Brandon going to continue updating us on your married life in Chicago? I know a lot of us are anxiously waiting for a peek at your new home! Happy one month anniversary by the way and Happy Birthday to Brandon!! <3

  22. Thank you so much for posting the series on “preparing for the big day”! My husband and I have been married for 8 years and it was so exciting to read your posts and be reminded all over again why we made our covenant in the first place. I am very grateful for your testimony and I look forward to hearing more! Thank you and have a great day 🙂


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